Wendy Stuart


Wendy Stuart started doing musical theatre in 2004.  She has done 3 pantomimes with the Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society and 3 with the White Rock Players Club.  She performed in 5 Vaudeville shows at the Burnaby Village Museum and wrote 4 of them there.  Wendy Started doing ventriloquism in 2006.  She is only interested in being in family friendly entertainment.  She packaged all her talents together to create her own show called “ Senior Moments.”  It’s a hilarious show that pokes fun of the joys of aging.  She also launched a show called “Second Hand Surprise” which contains a recycling theme. Wendy is grateful for her theatre background and for those that believed in her.  She didn’t realize she had any talent until others pointed it out to her.  This is a poem that was given to her by a friend and she keeps it on her dresser mirror to look at every day.

Wendy Stuart - Ventriloquist

It’s never too late to wish on a star
And never too late to be what we are
It’s never too late to say what we mean
And never too late to dream a new dream
There’s so much to gain and nothing to lose
Whatever we wish, whatever we choose
No one will say that we didn’t try
Let’s aim with our hearts
Let’s reach for the sky

Wendy is so thankful to have been blessed with talent and for the journey it took to discover them.  You shine when you are doing what you love!  If everyone could do what they love and love what they do, the world would be a happier place.  Her dream is to perform her ventriloquist show on cruise ships eventually.